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Coupland Students Donate Supplies for the Homeless to Advocacy Outreach

beth bella carlos

The Coupland ISD Gifted and Talented Program students presented Advocacy Outreach with 50 hand sewn necessity bags filled with items for people who are homeless—flashlights, batteries, socks, deodorant, toothbrushes, and more. They even included dog and cat food for homeless pooches and kitties. Coupland student, Bella Kanten, was the instigator and chief organizer. She had learned about specific needs of the homeless population through participation in a Girl Scout Troop project led by Amy Miller. Ms. De Fosset’s Gifted and Talented class of two, Bella and fellow student, Carlos Candenosa, organized a school-wide drive for the small amenities that make life better for people (and their pets) who are without homes and the school offered a Popsicle Party for the grade that brought in the most donations. The winner was the Seventh Grade, a class of 12, which included Bella and Carlos. Coupland ISD has eight grade levels and 160 students. When students complete Eighth Grade they must choose another school district, usually Elgin or Taylor, the nearest school districts, although some students go on to special programs such as Legacy Early College High School. Advocacy Outreach Director, Beth Rolingson, asked Bella what had motivated her to carry through a project so detailed that she had, herself, sewed the 50 bags that contained necessities. Bella replied, “I decided we needed to go out of the year on a positive note.” Advocacy Outreach and its clientele appreciate the efforts of Coupland ISD students to make their world a more positive place.