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Advocacy Outreach
200 Depot Street,
P. O. Box 169, Elgin,
Texas 78621

Phone 512 281-4180
FAX 512 281-9599






GED Parternships


GED Classes

Advocacy Outreach encourages people on completeing GED Preparation classes and taking the GED test in order to contunue to college or to get a job. Classes are provided by those listed below. For information click on the links or call number provided.

GED class info

GED classes in Elgin, Fall 2012, sponsored by Community Action. GED classes in Elgin will begin August 2012. The class meets two evenings per week. If you are interested, please call T. Berry at 285-9011.

GED class info

Are you interested in evening GED classes?

Call Austin Community College Adult Education Information Line at 223-5300, or visit for more information about their orientation schedule.

GED class info

Do you need to get your GED?  The test is changing in 2014!  Click here for more information.