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Advocacy Outreach
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Texas 78621

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ADVOCACY OUTREACH and the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

 Observe International Literacy Day

~ Support and Empower Local Families; Provide 2nd Chance at Education~

International Literacy Day, celebrated each year on September 8th, is a day to recognize the critical importance of literacy to families and communities worldwide.  Advocacy Outreach is providing daytime family literacy services to parents and their young children as well as evening classes in English as a Second Language with childcare in Manor, Texas.

Meanwhile, throughout the United States, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is dedicated to ending the cycle of generational illiteracy and its devastating impact on American society. 

  1. 30 million people in the U.S. – 14% of adults – are functionally illiterate. That means, they don’t read well enough to understand a basic news article or fill out a job application. 
  2. 25-plus million adults in America have no high school diploma.
  3. Over one-million children drop out of school each year, costing the nation over $240 billion in lost earnings, forgone tax revenues and social service expenditures.

“In my mind it comes down to this: What’s the best way to determine if a child will graduate from high school?  The answer – if mom or dad did,” said Doro Bush Koch, co-chair of the Barbara Bush Foundation. “To help parents become their child’s best teachers, we must create family literacy programs where they can work hard to learn English or earn their high school diplomas as quickly as possible.”

For the current academic year, the Barbara Bush Foundation recently awarded a total of $441,000 to family literacy programs across the country, including $50,000 to Advocacy Outreach, to improve the literacy skills and quality of life of local families.  To continue to be eligible for funding from the Barbara Bush Foundation, Advocacy Outreach must raise a match amount of $12,000 from individual donors.

Family literacy programs provide a second chance to parents to help them improve their educational skills. They learn in a caring environment that also offers classes for their young children. Our programs:

  1. Help adults become workforce ready through classes that encompass reading, math, English language, parenting skills, GED instruction and, in some cases, American Sign Language
  2. Help preschool children start school ready to excel
  3. Help perpetuate lifelong learning as a family value to be passed on through the generations

“Celebrating International Literacy Day this month makes a lot of sense since September traditionally marks the opening of a new school year,” said Beth Rolingson, Director of Advocacy Outreach. “We are proud to continue the fight against illiteracy and empower local parents and youth by enhancing their ability to learn and lead a more fulfilling life.”

One of the best ways to celebrate International Literacy Day is by supporting Advocacy Outreach financially.  Even better, every dollar you donate is highly leveraged. 

This year, with your help, we can empower more than 100 individuals with the literacy skills they need to thrive, succeed and contribute to our community.  Please join us. Contact Anne Spanyers at 512-281-4180 to volunteer.  Or send a check to Advocacy Outreach at P.O. Box 169, Elgin, TX 78621

Learn more about the Barbara Bush Foundation’s work to combat illiteracy in our country at www.barbarabushfoundation.com.