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Advocacy Outreach
200 Depot Street,
P. O. Box 169, Elgin,
Texas 78621

Phone 512 281-4180
FAX 512 281-9599










Advocacy Outreach Christmas Program

Christmas should be a time of joy and wonder for young children and their parents. Instead, for many impoverished families, it is a time of stress and worry. How to meet the expectations of young children who anticipate that Santa Claus will magically deliver their heart’s desire on Christmas morning? Many parents will take money that is budgeted to pay rent and utilities and buy that special toy because they cannot bear to disappoint their children. Others cannot, and children will feel the stigma of poverty when their friends at school receive gifts at holiday time and they have nothing.

Advocacy Outreach provides opportunities for you to give to Elgin and Manor area families. A gift card program is currently underway—you can purchase a gift card at your choice of nearby stores and bring or mail it to the Advocacy Outreach office or you can make a cash donation and Advocacy Outreach staff will purchase appropriate gift cards. For those of you who wish for a more personal experience, you may “adopt” a family—buy gifts for specific children, and, if desired, make a personal delivery.

There are plenty of other ways to help as well. During this cold winter, Advocacy Outreach has received requests for heaters that outpaces our ability to deliver. You can buy a small space heater and bring it to our office or make a cash donation and we will buy one and make sure it gets to a family in need. Blankets, coats, and warm clothes are needed by many elderly, disabled, and impoverished families.

Also—don’t forget to clean out your closets to make room for the Christmas goodies that your own family will receive. Many Elgin area families “shop” at our Free Store for clothing, household goods, and TOYS for their children. If you have gently used items we will redistribute them.

If you are in need, come and see us. If you are fortunate, then help your neighbor by making a donation through Advocacy Outreach. Many thanks. Happy Holidays!