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Advocacy Outreach
200 Depot Street,
P. O. Box 169, Elgin,
Texas 78621

Phone 512 281-4180
FAX 512 281-9599









Forms Assistance *

    The ability to thoroughly and accurately complete forms is essential for the successful and timely access of government benefit programs, insurance claims, and other contracts. The level of literacy skills required to successfully navigate complex forms and applications is beyond the abilities of many people. 

    The process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, for example, has several stages and each requires the completion of many pages of forms with time deadlines for each response. An accurate and complete application with medical documentation attached may substantially reduce the time required before benefits are awarded, a wait time that often, otherwise, may be years. Food stamp applications, applications for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Worker’s Compensation forms, designation of Medicare prescription plans, Earned Income tax refunds and FAFSA (the application for federal aid to attend college) are just a few examples of other types of forms which many people need help in completing.

    People lacking literacy skills or knowledge of the legal system also often need help in understanding when and how to respond to civil cases, such as evictions or debt collections.

    The staff of Advocacy Outreach is trained to assist individuals to understand and appropriately respond to questions on forms. Bilingual staff members are available to help people who do not read the English language. By providing forms assistance, Advocacy Outreach has helped hundreds of individuals to increase their resources by adding income from Social Security, putting food on the table, getting health care for their children and finding money for college.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a need.

How does one apply? 

Call on the phone or walk in to make an appointment.

    In addition to helping with forms, staff is trained in Information and Referral and will help individuals locate programs that provide legal services, healthcare, or financial assistance.

* We do not charge for any of these services!