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Advocacy Outreach
200 Depot Street,
P. O. Box 169, Elgin,
Texas 78621

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Homelessness Prevention/Financial Crisis

    Advocacy Outreach intervenes to prevent families from losing housing. Federal grants allow us to pay overdue rent when eviction is threatened, or security deposits or first month's rent and utility for families who lack housing. Funding is limited and the demand is high. 

    Eligibility (who is eligible), procedures (i.e. when to set up an appointment, how to set up an appointment) and the amount allocated to each successful applicant change according to the availability of resources or requirements of the funding entities. 

    We are only able to help a fraction of those in need. Referrals are made to other area agencies and organizations that may be able to assist.


Emergency Shelter Grants Program, a federal fund administered through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.
The purpose of funds is to prevent homelessness when a family’s income has suddenly decreased.  An increase in expenses, such as a health care crisis, or a reduction in income, such as the loss of a job, are types of crises for which these funds provide intervention.  Besides paying a portion of the overdue bill, the advocate works with the family to establish a plan or strategy to resume payment of shelter costs within the time framework of one month.

Who is eligible? 

Families or individuals with incomes below poverty level and recent financial crisis.

What documentation is required? 

Proof of income; personal identification; an eviction letter or disconnect
notice.  Other documentation may be requested as needed.

How do individuals apply?

Call the receptionist or walk in for current instructions.  Appointments are generally set up on a monthly basis.  Applicants may be instructed to call on the first day of the month to request an appointment.  Appointments are made in the order requested.  When the advocate has assigned the number of appointments likely to exhaust funds, she will stop taking appointments for that month unless additional funding becomes available.  Emergency situations, such as those involving homeless families, will assume priority and may be treated differently.

Emergency Food and Shelter Program, a Federal Emergency Management Agency program administered through the Bastrop County FEMA Board.

The purpose of funds is to increase housing stability through the payment of an overdue rent or utility bill when a family or individual cannot make the payment.

Who is eligible?

Low income families or individuals.

What documentation is required? 

Proof of income; personal identification; a letter showing the rent or utilities are due; documentation of inability to pay the bill.

How do individuals apply?

The application process is the same as that used for Emergency Shelter Grants Program.